Wait, what am I meant to be doing again?

I’m not primarily a JavaScript Developer - I’m more used to Front-end Development and the tooling scene that has grown with it. Coupled with that I’ve been building websites using WordPress and, for the past 7 months, ExpressionEngine.

Skills on the web atrophy quite quickly, so I’ve been spending some spare time touching up on what I think will be relevant in the years to come. It’s a requirement of the trade, really, otherwise you run the risk of using the modern-day equivalent of table-based layouts.

This can be frustrating as you have to be willing to throw out what you spent all those months, or even years, learning, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity.

I’ve been shying away from JavaScript because it’s a mental block for me. Here’s my process:

“Angular looks really cool, I’ll have a play around with it.”

  • bower install that shit.
  • Mess with some boilerplate to build a controller.
  • Marvel at the wonder of data-binding.
  • I’m a rockstar, this is easy.
  • What’s a service?
  • What’s a factory?
  • When should I use one or the other? Or at all?
  • I’m out.




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