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Front-end Development

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Performance is key. I optimise for common metrics in Google PageSpeed and up to date best practices that make websites SEO ready and accessible.

I specialise in the front-end; writing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Think Sass, Vue, and React. I like to keep code clean and reusable.

I've spent many, many years building large scale products and websites with WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS, and Laravel.

I like to focus on building processes that power development. That could be creating a custom webpack configuration, setting up and maintaining a pattern library, implementing a deployment process, or introducing code reviews.

Latest Posts

  • Self-Host Google Fonts

    Self-hosting Google Fonts gives you more control over performance and loading of your fonts.

  • Image Parallax and Blur with Tornis

    Using the Tornis library to create a parallax and blur effect on a cover image while scrolling.

  • Task Management

    How I handle task management - a combination of software with pen and paper depending on the context.

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