Full-stack software engineer, specialising in front-end technology with a focus on accessibility

Recent Posts

  1. Using the Least Amount of JavaScript

    Applying minimal JavaScript by resorting to less than standard ways of doing things.

  2. The Web Should Be Simple

    We sure know how to overcomplicate things. Or maybe we don't understand the building blocks of what makes a website accessible.

  3. Rediscovering the Joy in Coding

    Going back to basics by putting aside the typical frameworks and making my own rules.

  4. Popover API

    For many years, we had to do this manually or rely on third-party solutions. Now, though, it's a different world. In this post we'll take a quick look at how it works with a demo.


  1. The Year Ahead

    What's the plan for the year? Thinking about what I want to achieve.

  2. Music

    My musical journey from pop music to metal.

  3. Visiting Family & Friends

    Visiting the family and their pets back home in Limerick.