T.J. Fogarty

Limerick man surviving in Waterford.
UI Engineer at StitcherAds.

Powered by Coffee & Process

I specialise in the front-end; writing scalable CSS, clean HTML, and rad JavaScript. Think Sass, Vue, and React.

However, that's not all I'm good for. I've spent many, many years building large scale products and websites with WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS, Laravel, and more for clients big and small.

I like to focus on building processes that power development. That could be creating a custom webpack configuration, setting up and maintaining a pattern library, implementing a deployment process, introducing code reviews, or improving overall performance by adding some best-practices to the workflow.

I try my hand a bit of design as well. I'm always learning.

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Latest Posts

  • Vapid CMS

    Vapid is a content management system that has a very smart way of letting you focus on the code, while constructing a dashboard based on your templates.

  • Website Inspiration

    A few things that got me excited to try my hand at redesigning my website. That's not to say I'm a designer, cause I'm not.

  • HTML Imports & Component-Driven Development

    Playing around with HTML Imports before deprecation, pining for a native, relatively hassle-free way of building a component library.

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