Up and Atom

Publisher: TJ Fogarty

Modified: 2018-03-13

The past year or so has been a flur­ry of text-edi­tor switch­ing. Sub­lime, now Atom, and Sub­lime again, wait now I’m using PHP­Storm, back to Sublime…

It’s a won­der how I get any work done, but I’m final­ly set­tling down with Atom, so I thought I’d list out some of the pack­ages I’m using. I won’t list themes, because those changes are far more frenetic. 

It’s worth not­ing that Sub­lime Text also has equiv­a­lent packages. 

SFTP-Deploy­ment #

Spend less time man­ag­ing file trans­fers and more time cod­ing. FTP and SFTP sup­port for Atom​.io to send and receive files direct­ly in your server.

The use­ful­ness speaks for itself when work­ing on a dev serv­er where you just need to rapid­ly fire files up online.

File Icons #

Adds file spe­cif­ic icons to atom for improved visu­al grep­ping. Works with Tree View and Fuzzy Find­er and Tabs.

Git-Plus #

I’m used to the com­mand line, or using Tow­er. For more com­mon actions, this pack­age does wonderfully.

vim-fugi­tive like pack­age for atom. make com­mits and oth­er git things with­out the terminal

JSHint #

Just some straight-up lint­ing goodness.

Merge Con­flicts #

Does exact­ly what it says on the tin. 

Min­imap #

I’ve grown so used to see­ing this in Sub­lime that the edi­tor feels emp­ty with­out it.

PHP fmt #

This is only a recent addi­tion for me, but I’ve grown quite fond already.

Pig­ments #

Pure beau­ty. Dis­plays colours in your project files. Install and check out your colour vari­ables and gaze for hours.

Sync Set­tings #

Syn­chro­nize set­tings, keymaps, user styles, init script, snip­pets and installed pack­ages across Atom instances.

Gary point­ed this out to me, and it became essen­tial immediately.

Zen Tabs #

Keep your opened tabs below a max­i­mum lim­it, clos­ing the old­est one first.

I can get over­whelmed by many tabs, to the point where they’re no longer use­ful. This great­ly improves that.