Tagged “javascript”

  1. Using the Least Amount of JavaScript

    Applying minimal JavaScript by resorting to less than standard ways of doing things.

  2. Rediscovering the Joy in Coding

    Going back to basics by putting aside the typical frameworks and making my own rules.

  3. Scrollable Container Controls with React Hooks

    Revisiting some old code to convert it to using hooks.

  4. Multi-Select Checkboxes with React Hooks

    An old code demo revised to use React Hooks.

  5. Distant Sound

    Small experiment with sound based on scroll distance.

  6. Vue Data Table

    Exploring how to tackle a data table in Vue without relying on third-party solutions.

  7. Coping with Bad Dates

    Deriving multiple date ranges from a single one when presented with unavailable dates.

  8. DraftJS: Mentions Plugin with Scrolling and Keyboard Navigation

    Solving the problem of a scrolling results list with the DraftJS mentions plugin.

  9. Text Selection Particle Effects

    Creating particle effects based on text selection using the Web Animations API.

  10. Building an Appreciation System

    Using Google Sheets as a back-end, we can record likes on anything we want on a static site.

  11. Image Parallax and Blur with Tornis

    Using the Tornis library to create a parallax and blur effect on a cover image while scrolling.

  12. Multi-Select Checkboxes with React

    Listen for hotkeys to select multiple checkboxes in a few clicks.

  13. Derived Stores With Svelte

    Getting up to speed with derived stores in Svelte and how they compare to something like computed properties in Vue.

  14. Scrollable Container Controls with React

    Managing a scrollable container with React by adding button controls, and seeing when they should be enabled or disabled.

  15. Vapid CMS

    Vapid is a content management system that has a very smart way of letting you focus on the code, while constructing a dashboard based on your templates.

  16. HTML Imports & Component-Driven Development

    Playing around with HTML Imports before deprecation, pining for a native, relatively hassle-free way of building a component library.

  17. Building a Table of Contents with the Intersection Observer API

    How to build a live-updating table of contents using Intersection Observer.

  18. A Signal in the Static

    Moving from Craft CMS to Hugo and Netlify

  19. Upgrading to webpack 4

    Moving from Laravel Mix to webpack 4, and the performance benefits.

  20. Do Not Track

    How to use window.doNotTrack to decide when to use tracking.

  21. Page Visibility API

  22. DIY RSS Feed Reader

    Building your own Feed Reader with Vue.js and Node

  23. Craft Plugins Browser

    A small project to browse Craft CMS plugins by popularity.

  24. Client-Side Search with Algolia

    Adding client-side search with Algolia.

  25. Building My Site Part III: Fine Tuning

    Final tweaks and performance improvements for my website.

  26. Building a 'Now Playing' Feature

    Show the world what you're listening to because it's important.

  27. Building a full-screen overlay

    A JavaScript approach to a full-screen overlay

  28. Foundation 5.5