Resourceful Learning

You’re speeding down the information highway during a blizzard. Data is pelting off your windscreen with reckless abandon. You stick your head out of the driver-side window to grab a glimpse of where you’re going, but you’re instantly blinded. There’s shards of data sticking out of your face while you fumble for an empty bottle to pee in since you can’t stop for fear of falling behind. It’s not pretty. It’s also a tad exaggerated.

What I’m trying to say is sometimes it’s tough keeping up with what’s going on. I’m making an effort to slow down, and learn at a comfortable pace. I try to imagine the world literally ending because I haven’t written a todo app with React, and it helps put things into perspective.

While there’s a lot of resources here, they’re more of a starting point to focus on something that you find interesting. Here’s some resources that help me:

# Podcasts

I do love podcasts. They’re manageable bits and bytes of information that you can soak in at your own pace. Some of my favourites are:

# Screencasts

While podcasts are great for conversations surrounding interesting topics, you can’t beat watching and working with live code. That’s where screencasts shine, and when done right can spark some motivation.

# Newsletters

I’m finding myself signing up for more newsletters these days as they tend to reveal some really great articles that I would otherwise miss.

The nice thing about having access to all these resources is you can pick and choose what you find interesting. There’s no way you can read every article while listening to every podcast and watching every screencast. If you can, then fair play and power to you.

Massive thanks to all those who dedicate their time to provide these resources as well. It’s an incredible thing to be able to provide this knowledge.