Resource­ful Learning

Publisher: TJ Fogarty

Modified: 2018-03-13

You’re speed­ing down the infor­ma­tion high­way dur­ing a bliz­zard. Data is pelt­ing off your wind­screen with reck­less aban­don. You stick your head out of the dri­ver-side win­dow to grab a glimpse of where you’re going, but you’re instant­ly blind­ed. There’s shards of data stick­ing out of your face while you fum­ble for an emp­ty bot­tle to pee in since you can’t stop for fear of falling behind. It’s not pret­ty. It’s also a tad exaggerated.

What I’m try­ing to say is some­times it’s tough keep­ing up with what’s going on. I’m mak­ing an effort to slow down, and learn at a com­fort­able pace. I try to imag­ine the world lit­er­al­ly end­ing because I haven’t writ­ten a todo app with React, and it helps put things into perspective.

While there’s a lot of resources here, they’re more of a start­ing point to focus on some­thing that you find inter­est­ing. Here’s some resources that help me:

Pod­casts #

I do love pod­casts. They’re man­age­able bits and bytes of infor­ma­tion that you can soak in at your own pace. Some of my favourites are:

Screen­casts #

While pod­casts are great for con­ver­sa­tions sur­round­ing inter­est­ing top­ics, you can’t beat watch­ing and work­ing with live code. That’s where screen­casts shine, and when done right can spark some motivation.

Newslet­ters #

I’m find­ing myself sign­ing up for more newslet­ters these days as they tend to reveal some real­ly great arti­cles that I would oth­er­wise miss.

The nice thing about hav­ing access to all these resources is you can pick and choose what you find inter­est­ing. There’s no way you can read every arti­cle while lis­ten­ing to every pod­cast and watch­ing every screen­cast. If you can, then fair play and pow­er to you.

Mas­sive thanks to all those who ded­i­cate their time to pro­vide these resources as well. It’s an incred­i­ble thing to be able to pro­vide this knowledge.

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