New Job 🎉

I recently switched jobs. Pretty much the same thing as before (front-end), but with some new things to learn.

The first big change is I’m now writing TypeScript with React, instead of JavaScript and Vue. I’ve used React exclusively in a previous job for a couple of years, but it’s changed a lot since (hooks everywhere). TypeScript was something that I tended to avoid, but it’s actually really nice, and it might be something I switch to in my personal projects.

Accessibility is another focus here. I’ve tried to keep it in mind before, but this is a front and centre requirement now, which feels brilliant.

I’ve got my first task which lets me explore code and ask questions. At the same time, I keep needing to remind myself that I only just started, and any expectations in terms of productivity are coming from me. It’s a time for learning right now, and I’ll figure it out.