The Year Ahead

2023 was a hectic year, and 2024 looks to be the same.

This year will finally see me getting married. I will soon decide on my suit, but everything else has been organised. The time will fly by quickly, and the big day will be here before I know it.

I’ve been reading more as well. I tried giving Project Hail Mary a go but stopped after 50 pages. I then moved on to Neuromancer, which I’ve loved so far. I’m nearing the end of it, but I want to keep up the reading, and I have a few books lined up already.

My job is going fine. I’m always wary of layoffs, especially in the last year, so my goal here is to keep my head down and stay focused on the company’s goals.

This website will get busier. I want to write more and experiment. I used to love hacking away at things in my free time, but I’ve lost that joy over the years. I want to find it again. I want to develop a few short stories, and I might expand the site to include those.

It will be a very social year, probably destroying me if I don’t take time for myself. I’m hoping that between reading, writing, and working on my site, I’ll have the quiet time that I need.

Best of luck to everyone in the year ahead. I hope it bears fruit.