Lenore and the new routine

Lenore has a bit of a different routine to Loki and Ares. For starters, she gets fed four times a day, whereas the other two only get fed twice. I say “only”, but they get half a pouch each in the morning, and the other half at night with “hunting” food - we hide dry food around some rooms and they have to find it. They enjoy it, and it’s fun watching them hunt and figure out where the food is.

Lenore gets half a pouch of wet food in the morning, but then has two feeds of dry food throughout the day, and ending up with the last half of the pouch before going to bed.

She’s starting to fall into a sleeping routine with the other two, but she demands more play, and she’s not afraid to give a few meows when she wants something.

All in all, it’s going well. They play together, and groom each other. She still gets a few slaps from Loki who doesn’t enjoy the play as much, but that’s just putting manners on her I suppose.

A smoke-coloured domestic long hair cat sitting on a windowsill. She's in focus and looking just above the camera.journal