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I’m TJ, a web devel­op­er from Lim­er­ick, Ire­land 🇮🇪 and liv­ing in Water­ford. I most­ly hang around the front-end devel­op­ment side of things, but I know enough to be dan­ger­ous with the likes of PHP and Node as well.

I enjoy work­ing with JavaScript (React and Vue), Node, PHP (Craft CMS, Word­Press, Lar­avel, Expres­sio­nEngine), and CSS (Sass, Less, good ol vanil­la CSS). Spend­ing all these years work­ing with such fun tech­nolo­gies reminds me that just because you can do it, def­i­nite­ly means you should.

I’ve had an arti­cle pub­lished on CSS-Tricks, had work fea­tured on Code­Pen Spark, and an arti­cle fea­tured in a Codrops Col­lec­tive.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, I’ve worked for ResourceKraft as a Designer/​Developer, Mav­er­ick as the Lead Devel­op­er, and Emag­ine as a Web Devel­op­er and then Tech­ni­cal Lead. At the moment I’m a UI Devel­op­er at Stitcher­Ads where I’m devel­op­ing a com­po­nent library and design system.

You can find me at the links below:

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