Vue.js and Spo­ti­fy Experiment

Publisher: TJ Fogarty

Modified: 2018-03-13

Note: This no longers works after Spo­ti­fy updat­ed their API, I do apologise.

This is a small exper­i­ment for me to try and put togeth­er what I’ve learned when work­ing with Vue.js.

I could be doing this all wrong with Vue, but I had fun doing it. Onwards and upwards!

See the Pen Spo­ti­fy + Vue.js Exper­i­ment by T.J. Fog­a­r­ty (@tjFogarty) on Code­Pen.

I’m use­less when it comes to design, so I took ideas from Music Play­er Tran­si­tion. Code for inter­act­ing with Spo­ti­fy from here.

Check out the repo here