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  1. Waterford

    Waterford quay at sunrise.

  2. Wake

    A boats wake in water with differing shades of green.

  3. Snoot

    A very close up picture of a cats snoot, bright pink.

  4. Scatter

    A number of birds take flight from a hedge, you can see some with their wings outstretched.

  5. My Chair

    Our black and white cat, Ares, claiming a blue chair for himself.

  6. Mist

    A field in the mist, with a lonely horse grazing.

  7. Mama Cat

    Mother and kitten sitting on top of a roof.

  8. Loki

    Our tuxedo cat, Loki, sitting in front of a black stove with glowing amber eyes.

  9. Killarney

    A lake in Killarney at the Europe Hotel with hills in the background. The water is clear and still.

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  11. Hills

    The sun setting over the hills at the Deise Animal Sanctuary, Ballymacarbry, Waterford.

  12. Foster Kitten

    This is Minnie, a foster tabby kitten we had for a few weeks. She was quite the poser and sat still for the camera.

  13. Florence

    The Duomo in Florence, Italy

  14. Cats and Laundry

    Cats Loki and Ares. Loki sits in her bed and watches Ares standing on a bedsheet on the clothes horse.

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