Cre­ate an RSS Feed Reader

Publisher: TJ Fogarty

Modified: 2018-06-16

Recent­ly, I was con­tact­ed by the folks at Skill­share to cre­ate a class. I’ve nev­er done videos before, and real­ly dis­like hear­ing my own voice, but I was inter­est­ed in giv­ing it a go.

They were very help­ful in get­ting me set up, and even did some edit­ing work to tidy up the final result.

In the video I walk through cre­at­ing an RSS feed read­er with Vue.js, and Netli­fy using their func­tions fea­ture to deploy to AWS Lamb­da to fetch the feeds. Have a go if you’re inter­est­ed and give me a shout if there’s any questions!

Watch: Cre­ate an RSS Feed Read­er with Node and Vue.js